Super Typhoon Mawar 75 miles southeast of Guam with winds of 140 mph


Super Typhoon Mawar, a category 4 typhoon, continues a slow approach towards Guam, according to the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office Guam. 

As of 8:17 a.m. May 24, the NWS said Guam will see the devastating impacts from Mawar.

It is anticipated to arrive midday May 24.

A Typhoon Warning continues for Guam and Rota. Damaging winds of 39 mph are occurring. Typhoon force winds of 74 mph or greater are expected later this morning.

Mawar was about 75 miles southeast of Guam. Storm motion was towards the north-west at 6 mph. Storm intensity is currently 140 mph.

Passage very near or directly over Guam is imminent. The latest forecast from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center indicates that Mawar may strengthen slightly on approach to Guam with maximum sustained winds of 145 mph, with gusts approaching 175 mph at landfall. This is expected to occur over the next few hours, prior to making landfall.

The triple threats of Cat 4 Typhoon Mawar are torrential rains that may result in landslides and flash flooding, catastrophic wind, and life-threatening storm surge. This is expected for Guam, with potentially catastrophic coastal flooding for southeastern and southern portions of Guam if a southern Guam or Cocos passage is realized.

The NWS advises the public to stay inside and away from windows during the storm.

“Do not venture outside when high winds are occurring or during temporary lulls as flying debris can easily, and suddenly, cause serious injury,” said the NWS. “If the eye passes over you on Guam, extreme winds will suddenly cease. This is not the end of the typhoon. REMAIN IN SHELTER as extreme winds will rapidly resume.”

Once conditions have improved, NWS said to remain in shelter until the all-clear, COR 4, is announced by government officials.