Superintendent Asks Principals To Think Differently This Budget Cycle, School Hearings Underway


Guam – We’re only a couple of months in the current fiscal year and schools in the Department of Education are already thinking about Fiscal Year 2014.

Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez has asked the principals of all DOE schools to prepare budgets and hold public hearings on the budgets to solicit input from stakeholders.

Fernandez instructed principals to build their budget proposals around the five key focus areas for student achievement that he shared in his State of Education Address on Tuesday. 

“Those five areas are: Higher standards and greater focus on student achievement;  Effective teachers and principals; A more responsive and high-performing organization; Support for facilities, schools, and classroom needs; A consistent and sustained path toward improvement,” Fernandez said in the address.

In the past the budgets were built around teacher student ratios and other guidelines but George Washington High School Assistant Principal Darlene Roberto says looking at budget from the perspective of students helped the staff at her school to think outside the box.

“We actually had a very good discussion about what that looks like in the classroom, what is going to directly impact our students in our classroom, is that creatively staffing the school, what types of teachers are we gonna use,” Roberto explained to PNC. “Versus just this is how much we get for supplies and materials, how much we get for equipment which we have not been able to get in a long time.”

View the schedule of school budget hearings HERE

The Geckos and several other schools held their public hearings last night but a number of schools are still planning their hearings for next week.