Superintendent commits to assist Leon Guerrero-Tenorio transition

GDOE would like to remind stakeholders of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday schedule. Thursday, November 28, 2019 is the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be no classes and the GDOE headquarters in Tiyan will be closed.

(GDOE) – Early Tuesday morning, Superintendent Jon Fernandez issued a letter of commitment to Governor-elect Lou Leon Guerrero and Lieutenant Governor-elect Joshua Tenorio to provide the necessary information required to facilitate a smooth transition for the new administration. In his letter, Fernandez informed Leon Guerrero and Tenorio that his deputies stood ready to assist in facilitating data, reports and feedback as requested.

“The Guam Department of Education represents almost half the government in terms of resources and personnel, and the mission of the agency is central to any strategy focused on improving the island’s economy and long-term prosperity,” said Fernandez.  “It is important that the incoming Governor and Lieutenant Governor receive direct and candid information about the challenges and opportunities that face GDOE.”

Fernandez met with Education Transition Co-chair Rory Respicio this morning to walk through the transition planning and through key issues that are likely to face the incoming administration from day one including:

  •  Progress to address United States Department of Education “high risk” designation
  •  Challenges with the Fiscal Year 2019 budget
  •  Facility needs, including the work on Simon Sanchez High School
  •  High school reform, including the partnerships with the Guam Community College and   University of Guam
  •  Student safety, including the challenges with adding more School Resource Officers
  •  Charter school issues

The GDOE leadership team will be providing detailed updates over the next two weeks to assist the transition team with its work.

Letter to Leon Guerrero-Tenorio