Superintendent’s report provides updates on GACS and SSHS

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Guam- As the school year comes to a close tomorrow, Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez has released his monthly report which provides updates on the standings of GDOE curriculum, facilities, safety and fiscal management.

Addressing curriculum, Fernandez reflects on the FY2018 Consolidated Grant Application & Consultative Workshop which was held earlier in May.

This year’s funding level is $31.2 million dollars with priority given to the strengthening of the high school curriculum, assistance for homeless and vulnerable students, and school safety.

The consolidated grant application is due later this week.

With the fate of Guahan Academy Charter School resting in the hands of the Charter School Council, Fernandez is recommending that the Council work with iLearn Academy Charter School, a K-5 school, to determine whether they have additional capacity to take in an influx of some 600 students from GACS, should students wish to transfer.

The Simon Sanchez High School procurement rests upon the shoulders of the Superintendent and he has asked the Department of Public Works and Core Tech to settle their disputes so that the procurement process can move forward.

The US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Team toured SSHS and Okkodo High School to compare a school in need of renovation to a school successfully built and maintained using a municipal lease structure.

GDOE is looking to leverage the $10 million dollars allocated from the new sales tax, in conjunction with USDA and other funding sources, to create an investment vehicle for new or renovated facilities.

Wrapping up the report, GDOE is petitioning the U.S. Department of Education to lift the special conditions that were imposed upon the department in 2010 after years of failed audits.

The letter will include a proposed transition structure and address the recommended changes outlined in the special conditions. A visit from USDOE is anticipated for July, in order to discuss how the USDOE will proceed in the review process.