Support Local Companies at Guam Product Seal Fair Tomorrow

Want to see products authentically made in Guam? Well, good news, there’s a Guam Product Seal Fair going on tomorrow where local companies will showcase their locally made products.

Guam – Guam Economic Development Authority Assistant Manager Matthew Sgro explains that when a product has the Guam Product Seal, they are authentically made on island, unlike other products that say Guam but are made somewhere else. Sgro says there are about 80 members who are local entrepreneurs that have a product that is at least 50% manufactured, marketed and produced in Guam. 

Since it’s the holiday season and there will be a lot of shopping for gifts, Governor Eddie Calvo encourages the island community to turn to local talent for their shopping.  

Sgro explains, “So at the fair, it’s something we do for our members. We do several things to help them with marketing, more promotions of their products. When we go to Invest Guam events, we bring their products as a way of promoting it to other markets. So this is one event we do annually. So it’ll be this Saturday at GPO from 10 am to 5 pm.”
The Guam Product Seal Fair will take place at the GPO food court tomorrow.