Supreme Court Overturns Attempted Murder Conviction in Home Invasion Case


Raymond Torres Tedtaotao was tried and convicted last year in the brutal beating of Rebecca Piper in her Nimitz Hill home. The Supreme Court overturned the attempted murder conviction.

Guam – The Supreme Court of Guam has just overturned an attempted murder charge for Raymond Torres Tedtaotao, who was convicted last year in the Nimitz Hill Home Invasion case.


Tedtaotao was the man behind the invasion of a Nimitz Hill residence back in April 2013 and was accused of beating up Rebecca Piper then leaving her for dead. The victim was left partially paralyzed as a result of the attack.

He was then tried and convicted of attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary and sentenced to a total of 55 years.

However, on appeal, Tedtaotao’s attorney argued that on the attempted murder allegation, the defendant was not properly charged under Guam law. He also argued that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to support the attempted murder charge.

The Supreme Court agreed with Tedtaotao’s argument on how the charge was made, overturning the attempted murder conviction.

They sent the case back to the lower court for resentencing.

You can read the decision by clicking on the file below.





  1. The Guam Supreme Court owes an apology to the victim who this animal beat viciously. She now is partially paralyzed because of the beating and this animal’s sentence has been thrown out? Did she have to die in order for this animal’s sentence to be upheld? Give us the names of the judges who ruled in this animal’s favor so that we can vote to kick them out when their terms expire.

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