Survivors want clarification from the OAG

Former UOG professor Michael Ehlert (PNC file photo)

Guam – It has been two years since the courts convicted former University of Guam Professor Michael Ehlert for sexually assaulting several UOG students during a party at his Talafofo residence. Now the survivors are speaking out. 

In a letter addressed to the Office of the Attorney General, the three survivors expressed their frustrations and disappointment over not being heard by the office.

The names of the survivors are withheld to maintain their anonymity.

“Despite Ehlert’s guilty verdict in 2017, the reality is nothing has been done to date,” the survivors wrote in the letter.

According to the unnamed survivors, Ehlert’s ability to travel while enjoying his freedom is the Judiciary of Guam’s failure to its mission. That mission is to ‘administer justice by interpreting and upholding the laws; resolve disputes in a timely manner, and; provide accessible, efficient, and effective court services.

Ehlert has been allowed to travel and work at a University in Hong Kong, allegedly without the courts informing the survivors.

They also said the OAG Victim Advocates Division also failed to uphold its purpose, which is to ‘ help crime victims and their families by providing information on victims’ rights and protections and the criminal justice process. They said the division failed to provide referrals for counseling, emergency assistance, and safety planning.

They mentioned the OAG Victim Advocates division’ lack of notification about Ehlert’s trips, among others. With the case under appeal, the survivors said they also wanted to be informed and guided on Ehlert’s tentative court dates.

They described their situation as a “never-ending cycle of being beaten around the bush and being re-victimized in so many levels …” The survivors wrote, “If the clarifications that we’ve been seeking were addressed by your Division, we would not be seeking Mr. Leevin’s time to help us. ”

The survivors asked if a meeting with the OAG would finally clarify their concerns.

This is not the first time a survivor has voiced concerns over the assistance received from the OAG. In July, another rape survivor shared her story of how the system made her feel like the criminal.

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