Suspects named in Bergeron murder case

Rachelle Bergeron, assistant Attorney General of the State of Yap, was shot dead on Monday, Oct 14 (Photo from the Yap State Government Public Information Service)
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Two suspects have been named in the shooting death of Rachelle Bergeron, the former acting attorney general of Yap, according to a story published by the The Kaselehlie Press.

The Yap State Supreme Court charged Anthony Rutun Teteeth and Frances Choay Buchon with murder. According to Kaselehlie Press, during their initial appearance, the court ordered the two defendants to be held without bail while awaiting trial.

The defendants also made an initial appearance at the FSM Supreme Court, according to Kaselehlie Press where Teteeth was charged with acquiring and possessing a 12-gauge shotgun, and for using the weapon to commit a felony.

Meanwhile, Buchon was charged with acquiring and/or possessing associated ammunition for a 12-gauge shotgun and for possessing the weapon for purposes of assisting in the murder.

The FSM Supreme Court also denied bail for Teteeth and Buchon, according to Kaselehlie Press.

Kaselehlie Press quoted Joses Gallen, a consultant to the FSM Department of Justice, as the source of the information on the charges pressed against the two defendants.

On Monday, Oct 28, the Yap State Government released a statement saying that several arrests have been made in connection to the shooting death of the former acting attorney general of Yap.

Bergeron and her dog were shot on Monday night, Oct 14 in the small Micronesian state after returning from a daily run.

Following the shooting, the FSM state Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a joint investigation on the incident.

Among the Pacific Islands, Yap is known for its weapons prohibition statute which makes it illegal to own a personal gun. Only law enforcement officers and members of the U.S. military are allowed to own guns.