Swamp Road clean-up completed

To eliminate mosquito breeding sites, DPW, working with the Dededo Mayor’s Office, removed abandoned white goods appliances and tires from the high risk area identified in Dededo, including Swamp Road.

The Department of Public Works and the Dededo Mayor’s Office have completed cleanup efforts along Swamp Road, the Joint Information Center announced.

In total, DPW collected 731 cubic yards of solid waste, 3,501 tires, 215 white goods, and 257 abandoned vehicles from September 19 to October 1, 2019.

According to JIC, the cleanup was implemented to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites in
light of confirmed locally acquired cases of the dengue virus in the vicinity.

To preserve the cleanliness of the area, the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, in partnership with the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, will effectuate stronger surveillance and issue citations to those caught illegally dumping on the area.