SWAT Arrests 48 Year Old Cerefino Florig After Dededo “Stand-Off”


Guam – The Guam Police Department’s SWAT Team arrested 48 year old Cerefino Florig Sunday night following a “stand-off” at a home in Dededo.

In an email to the media, GPD Spokeswoman Liz Flickinger says the incident started as a disturbance and ended up with the Crisis Negotiation Team being called in.

Sgt. Flickinger reports that Dededo Precinct Officers repsonded to a disturbance on Eliza Lane in Dededo at 7:56pm. When they arrived, they noticed a women trying to calm an irate man who was later identified as Cerefino Florig.  Soon after police arrived, Sgt. Flickinger reports that the man went into the home and barricaded himself inside.

GPD’s Crisis Negotiation Team was activated along with GPD’s SWAT team. After two hours of negotiating Sgt. Flickinger says the SWAT team went in and subdued Florig who was arrested without any further incident or injury.

Sgt. Flickinger reports that Florig  has been grieving the loss of  a brother since July and “his sister, who was visiting from the states and had her vehicle tires slashed … with a long knife.”

Florig was arrested for Criminal Mischief and Family Violence. He has been booked and confined.