SWAT officers crash wedding to check if COVID rules were being followed

Mark Mendiola

Four SWAT officers, accompanied by three Public Health inspectors, showed up uninvited during a recent wedding ceremony to check if COVID mandates were being followed.

Mark Mendiola stated on his social media page that he planned for over three months. All his guests are fully vaccinated, they are all wearing masks, they are set up for social distancing at 6 feet, and they have hand-washing stations and sanitizers.

In addition, they have a log of all attendees, temperatures were taken, and the event was held outdoors in a facility that could hold 400 people but only 75 guests were invited.

“We made sure that only 25 people were in the reception area. As people left, we had other people come. Most guests came and saw what was going on, some decided to leave after they greeted the wedding party. So why did 3 PH inspectors show up with 4 SWAT officers? It was for them to verify that I had only 25 guests at the event at one given moment,” Mendiola wrote on his Facebook page.

He said the SWAT and Public Health inspectors observed for one hour that they were in compliance, adding that the SWAT guys were very cool and just following orders according to public health officials. According to Mendiola, they were “ordered” by the governor’s legal counsel to “escort” them to his function.

“Perhaps I need to stop training with MMA fighters, I didn’t know my family and I were a serious threat to the safety of Public Health officials! All these precautions to mitigate the spread and we cannot peacefully assemble for a religious ceremony and celebration. The “Herd” showed up but they were turned away!” Mendiola stated.