T Galleria Celebrates September with First Class Beauty Event

The month of September is a great month to go shopping, from labor day sales…early gifts for the holidays and…first class beauty. T Galleria invited us ladies at PNC for a First Class Beauty experience.

Guam – Makeovers, special treats, dances, music, games and cupcakes…T Galleria’s First Class Beauty is everything a girl loves into one mega-event. 

T Galleria Beauty Department Manager Jewel Leon Guerrero says, “We’re really excited. This is called First Class Beauty and it’s basically a concept that started in Guam a few years ago. We’re really excited because DFS worldwide jumped on and said they want to do it everywhere in all our locations.”
First Class Beauty: an idea from Guam blossomed into a worldwide signature beauty event that T Galleria now celebrates every September. It’s not only a celebration of everything in the beauty world from makeup, to fragrance, toskincare…it has a theme too! 
Leon Guerrero says, “First Class Beauty is all about travel so we have different products that we can introduce to you that you wanut to use before you travel, during travel, and after. That’s what’s nice. We’re the luxury travel retailer. We are the destination where you want to get your beauty products and that’s at DFS T Galleria.”
She says, “It’s a chance to get customers to come into the store and get excited about our beauty world. It’s very colorful. There are a lot of spin promotions so depending on how much they spend, they can also get free gifts. There are a lot of fun games and prices for them.” 
So if you’re looking for a great time or wanting to join in the celebration of the beauty world, visit the T Galleria. 
Leon Guerrero says, “First Class Beauty is happening every day in this month of September. On weekends, we have events. Thursday to Sunday nights it’s 6 to 10. Bring your family, bring your girlfriends, bring your guy friends, and everyone will have a great time.”