T-Galleria hosts First Class Beauty soiree


“It’s a celebration of beauty, about color, about treatment, about fragrances, skin analysis, and it’s just an event that we look forward to having every year,” explained T-Galleria General Manager Renee Chisolm.

Guam – Embark on a beauty journey with the largest beauty event of the year: DFS and T-Galleria’s “First Class Beauty” event.

The once–a-year spectacle is every beauty guru’s heaven on earth. And it’s easy to see why.

“It’s a beauty party!” remarked T-Galleria’s General Manager Renee Chisolm.

She added, “We’re celebrating everything beauty. It’s called “First Class Beauty,” it’s a month-long event that we have annually at our T-Galleria and our airport locations around the world.”

From the kiss-themed cocktails to the lipstick lined selfie-wall complete pucker-up props, the T-Galleria was transformed into the perfect girl’s night out.

There was even a lipstick bar featuring dozens of designer brands for guests to swatch and swipe at their leisure.

But the event wasn’t just for the ladies.

“A lot of focus was on lips this year, however there’s something for men too,” explained Chisolm.

“Beards are really popular this year. It’s very important that men keep the beard moisturized/exfoliated. So, men are welcome to come to the event as well,” she said.

And lipstick wasn’t the only beauty item to get giddy over either. About 200 skincare and makeup brands were featured.

And if that wasn’t enough, a few lucky guests went home with some unique prizes.

“We have raffles this year. We have a spin-the-wheel at the front so you can get gift certificates in the fashion department. We have demonstrations throughout the beauty department, and we have live art back in the fragrance department,” said Chisolm.

And the grand prize this year? A one year supply of the highest ranked name brand lipsticks and rouges.

“Every year we try to make it bigger and better. So, one of the great features this year is a lip event. We have a counter with every color you can imagine, different styles of coloring your lips. And this time, when you put your lipstick on a piece of paper, everyone gets to vote on it,” explained the GM.

The lipstick card with the most votes went to PNC’s very own News Director Janela Carrera, who walked away with the most coveted prize of the night.

The First Class Beauty event is taking place all month long and the general manager assures guests there will be something new every day at every beauty counter in the T-Galleria.