T-Galleria’s beauty event offers new features like engraved lipstick cases, virtual makeover


Guam – There’s only a few more days left to enjoy the annual First Class Beauty event at the T-Galleria. If you’re familiar with this event, it’s all about the first class experience of discovering products that can enhance our beauty from within and express it through our appearance.

PNC is fortunate to join in this experience every year since its launch, but this year PNC’s Janela Carrera was also invited to a makeover. The bonus is, there are great prizes, samples and treats for everyone to enjoy.

First Class Beauty is a signature event by T-Galleria that was born right here on Guam and now adopted worldwide. It happens once a year where beauty products are put on display and clients are treated to a special showcase where they have an opportunity to get free products, samples and prizes just for buying beauty products they would normally purchase anyway.

It lasts until August 31 but even with just a few days left in the month, there’s so much to experience.

One of the unique features available this year is the Meitu app. You sit in front of a preprogrammed mirror and try on different makeup products virtually without actually applying any makeup products to your face. The app identifies the products you tried on virtually and allows you to place them into a cart. At the workshop, client representatives will then assist the customers in obtaining the products to purchase. It’s kind of like online shopping on the spot.

Another neat feature? You can get your name engraved on your MAC lipstick!

During the makeover experience, you can get an assessment of your skin condition using SKII’s beauty imaging system which takes a photograph of your skin then calculates your skin’s age based on the image it took. From there, the machine provides you with details about your skin’s overall condition and how you can improve it.

T-Galleria’s First Class Beauty event ends on August 31.