T.H.A.A.D. Battery Relocating to South Finegayan

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper tours the THAAD missile facility on Guam during his recent visit to the island. (USDOD photo)

Monday Morning, Joint Region Marianas Commander – Rear Admiral Benjamin Nicholson – held a media conference to further detail relocating the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system from Anderson Airforce Base to a more central part of Guam.

Here’s PNC’s Don Sulat with the report on this story.

Island Residents, primarily those near South Finegayan, can expect to see an influx of military vehicles and technology in the upcoming months. Due to the upcoming relocation of the THAAD battery.

According to Rear Admiral Nicholson, during today’s media briefing, the relocation of the THAAD battery has been in the works for the past six months, and the decision to move to South Finegayan came after considering which Department of Defense Land would be best suitable to hold the system.

In the past – Rear Admiral Nicholson reported that JRM hopes to eventually have a full 360-degree defense system on Guam to protect the island from other international actors.

Although that is the ultimate goal, the Rear Admiral says that it might take several years before a defense system of that scale could be operational.

So, to utilize existing equipment on the island, the Rear Admiral says that they have decided to relocate the THAAD battery and move it to South Finegayan.

According to the Rear Admiral, the THAAD battery would have a wider area of reach, should there be a time to use it.

Moreover, to assure the public, the Rear Admiral says that this, and future projects and construction, will only take place on current DOD land.

As for any infrastructure or environmental concerns, the Rear Admiral reports that because there is existing infrastructure on South Finegayan, there would be little to no damages with the move.

As for whether or not moving the THAAD battery to a more public spot and out of the fence could put a bigger target on Guam, Rear Admiral Nicholson assured that it wouldn’t and would also not make too much of a difference-Saying that weapons from other actors do not discriminate.

There is no exact date on when the move is expected to happen. And that residents around South Finegayan can expect to see a slight influx of military vehicles and equipment driving along with round 3.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center
I’m Don Sulat.

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