Ta Fan Peska


The Department of Agriculture is hosting a new hunting event that they hope will help control and manage invasive species will run from march 31st to April 30th.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

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The Division of Aquatic & Wildlife Resources will be hosting an event to encourage past and present Basic Hunter Safety Class/Hunter Education Certification participants to work together to teach and learn about hunting in Guam.

“Ta Fan Peska” is funded by the Guam Hunter Education Program, through a grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Grant Program.

The event comes free for new and experienced hunters but must provide proof of a basic hunter safety or hunter education certificate from Guam or the states taken in person or online.

DOAg Program Coordinator Jane Dia says lessons can be learned adding “tradition of generations passing down techniques and codes of ethics when hunting this is an opportunity for those who are not experienced hunters who can learn from an experienced hunter the right way to hunt but the tips throughout the year to make hunting even more enjoyable.”

There is no limit to how many animals each group or hunter can catch.

Jane Dia, Program Coordinator for the event, states that one of the best things about the event is that deer tags are supposed to expire on March 31st but there is an extension. This creates an opportunity for unlimited catches and is not limited to 3 per season.

Currently, there is no restriction on where hunters can explore. As long as hunters have proof that they may hunt on private property they are allowed to be there. Government property is open to hunters but they must follow government rules and regulations. There may be natural limitations that may restrict hunters but it’s up to the hunter if they can track through the terrain.

With the event open to the public for beginners and experienced hunters it actually provides a positive benefit for Guam’s ecosystem.

Dia says there’s plenty for everyone, adding “Actually we have such a large number of invasive pigs and deers that its not harming the environment to take out but to control and manage the population it is better ot have less of those animals that destroy and effect the habits soa actually it’s the best thing these hunters can do is help us with that natural resource management that the population numbers are controllable.”

This event is a pilot project to see how much participation they will get and how interested the community may be in hunting. According to Dia, approximately 40 people have begun to take their basic hunting online courses.

Experienced hunters are those who are considered to be in the sportsman stage of hunting and have gone through basic hunting training courses, says Dia.

Each deer tagged by the group of hunters will be provided a $10 dollar gas card per experienced hunter.

Contact Jane Dia at jane.dia@doag.guam.gov or (671) 735-3981 to sign up your team