Tabulations Have Begun at Election Central

Guam- Precinct 11b from Ordot Chalan Pago is the first to be tabulated by Guam Election Precinct Officials. All 58 precincts have checked into election central at the University of Guam fieldhouse.
The GEC Board of Directors earlier cleared the 4 tabulators after it was zeroed out to show that votes were not in the system. Interim Board Chair Alice Taijeron says she feels confident in today’s voter turnout. She says “overstuffed ballot boxes” is a good indicator that more people came out to vote. Likewise, Board member John Terlaje told PNC he estimated a 65-70% voter turnout from the precincts he visited earlier today.
Tabulations continue at the UOG Fieldhouse. PNC will continue to bring you updates online and during our all night coverage of the 2010 General Election on FOx 6.