Guthertz: Taga’chang Beach Park Under New Management


Guam – Among the bills signed into law Wednesday by Governor Calvo was Senator Guthertz’s Bill 365. The Senator issued the following release on the new law:

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Taga’chang Beach Park Under New Management
Sen. Guthertz Bill Places Authority of Beach Park with Yona Mayor

HAGATNA – “The people of Guam will see and enjoy a revitalized and improved Taga’chang Beach Park,” stated Yona Mayor Jose “Pedo” Terlaje after being informed that Governor Eddie Baza Calvo signed off on legislation that transfers authority over the popular southern beach park to the municipality of Yona.

Last November, Sen. Judi P. Guthertz, DPA authored legislation that transferred administrative control of the Taga’chang Beach Park to the Office of the Yona Mayor.  The lawmaker did this after speaking with Mayor Terlaje and finding the park in deplorable condition.

“I am happy that the Governor had the confidence in the people of Yona to sign this into law and grateful to Senator Guthertz for recognizing this need,” said Mayor Terlaje. He added, “As soon as the transfer is effectuated, I am going to work to restore the pavilions and the beauty of the park.”

Prior to today’s signing of Bill 365-31(LS), the Department of Parks and Recreation had administrative control of the park; along with over 6 dozen other parks island-wide. The agency cited a lack of resources and personnel when queried about the state of the Taga’chang Beach Park and parks in similar condition.

Senator Guthertz said that providing Mayors such as Mayor Terlaje with oversight over a park in his village is a good step in decentralizing the government of Guam and reducing the bureaucracy – for example – when islanders simply want to enjoy a festive day at the beach. At the same time the new law also directs that permit fees collected for the use of the park facilities under the purview of village mayors are reinvested in the respective villages providing a revenue source for the upkeep of the facilities.

“This is good for Guam,” said Sen. Guthertz as she thanked Gov. Calvo for signing the measure into law. “We need to make more resources accessible to our people and provide avenues to help our Mayors who work very hard every day tending to the needs of the people and keeping the villages clean and maintained. This is a good step forward to empowering our communities and building village pride,” added the senator.

Sen. Guthertz concluded, “Mayor Pedo promised that this beach is going to be a gem for all of the people of Guam to be proud to use and showcase. I look forward to seeing the results.”