Cruz Talks About His Narrow Win, Taitague Talks About Her Loss


Guam – A week has passed since the islands election and the final results from both Gubernatorial and Senatorial races have been certified.

The Democrats will retain control over the 31st Guam legislature, having a 9-6 majority. The 30th Guam Legislature’s incumbents will serve another two years and be apart of the 31st Legislature, all except Republican Telo Taitague, finishing in 17th place, missing the 31 legislature by only two places.

Taitague didn’t want to discuss her future plans for this coming January. She says she still has more work to do before then. Taitague is currently working on Bill 474. If passed into law it would appropriate $1.5 million dollars from the road and pothole repair fund to the department of public works to repair damaged village streets in Gil Baza subdivision. Once the streets are repaired it would link route 3 to the sub division and allow school buses to drive into that area to pick up and drop off students. The students currently have to walk long distance to get to their bus stop.

Taitague says despite not being re-elected, she is feeling good about what she has done at the legislature and is very grateful to have the opportunity to serve the people of Guam.

Incumbent Vice Speaker BJ Cruz is normally a top vote getter, but during the general election he slide into 13th place with 16,538 votes. Do you feel some of the bills you introduced were controversial and may have cost you votes.

According to Cruz, the Archdiocese thinks he had influence over the catholic voters. Cruz disagrees.

Crus says his biggest draw back was the smoking and alcohol bills. He says has over 30 years of service protecting children and the community and he believes he was doing the right thing.