Taitague Bill Would Require Posting of Budget Requests on Agency Websites


Guam – Senator Telo Taitague has introduced a bill that would require GovGuam Agencies to post their budgets on their websites.

Bill No. 445-30 is “An act to add a new §4120 to Chapter 4 of 5GCA relative to requiring government agencies to post their budgets on their websites.”

In a release, Senator Taitague states that the aim of the bill is to “improve transparency in government.”

The measure would require that budget requests be posted online within 5 days following their submission to the Guam Legislature.

Taitague also states: “Formulating the budget for the Government of Guam is one of the most important tasks of the Legislature. Because of this, we must ensure that this process is not done behind closed doors, but in full view for our people to see, critique and comment on. Placing the budget requests of government agencies will not only improve government transparency, but will also help residents follow the course of discussion during budget hearings or legislative sessions, especially if our residents may be watching them on television.”

“Most of the hard copies of budgets submitted to the legislature originated from digitized word processing, spreadsheet, or PDF files. The posting of budget requests would require little additional work on the agency’s part and may actually allow them to distribute their budgets easily, especially when there are formal requests by individuals or agencies.”