Taitague hits ‘disinformation’ campaign against medical malpractice pre-trial screening proposal

Senator Telo Taitague (PNC file photo)

The second public hearing on Bill 112-36 which replaces the current Medical Malpractice Mandatory Arbitration Act with a pre-trial screening system was held Monday evening.

Senator Telo Taitague, a co-sponsor of Bill 112, said more patients and families affected by medical malpractice came forward to share their stories with the hope that negligent providers will be held accountable – and that no one else on Guam would have to go through the pain and suffering they’ve experienced.

“As our community continues to discuss Bill 112, we must not allow any attempt by critics to misrepresent its intent which is to replace the status quo – an arbitration requirement that is cost-prohibitive and which has kept victims from pursuing justice and more importantly finding closure and peace for themselves and their families,” Taitague said.

(Senator Telo Taitague Release)