Taiwan looking forward to more economic ties with Guam

TECO Director General Paul Chen (PNC file photo)

Taiwan is looking forward to more ties with Guam not only in the tourism field, but in trade and investments as well.

Paul Chen, the head of Taiwan’s Economic and Cultural Office in Guam, was the featured speaker at today’s Rotary Club of Guam meeting.

Chen pointed out that Guam already has a sizable Taiwanese community on Guam who are productively contributing to the welfare of the island.

He also noted that Taiwan is already Guam’s third biggest tourism market, after Japan and Korea.

And with Taiwan dealing better with COVID than Japan and Korea, he said Guam can expect the Taiwan tourist market to recover earlier.

“Also, the flight to Guam from Taiwan is only four hours. So Taiwanese people can easily travel back and forth,” Chen said.

But it is not just in tourism that Taiwan and Guam have ties.

Chen said there are already several Taiwan companies doing business on Guam like several construction companies, First Commercial Bank, and even a power plant.

He warned that Guam should not solely rely on tourism because this is easily affected by weather or pandemics.

“That’s why Guam should diversify its economy. And we can help by investing on Guam,” Chen said.

First off, Chen said Taiwan can cut the cost of air transport in order to bring more tourists and more commodities to Guam.

Instead of importing from California, Chen said Taiwan can provide high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables to Guam which would be less costly for Guam because Taiwan is only four hours away, compared to California which is 18 to 19 hours away.

“We can establish temperature-controlled warehouses on Guam that can store fresh fruit and vegetables from Taiwan,” Chen said.

He added that Taiwan can help establish an aquaculture industry on island that can lead to Guam’s food self-sufficiency.