Taiwan Youth Ambassadors Spread Taiwan Culture and Compassion on Guam


A group of youth ambassadors from Taiwan are on Guam as part of an international tour to spread compassion and exchange culture. 

Guam – Youth ambassadors from Taiwan are visiting Guam as part of an international exchange program tour. The theme is youth from Taiwan compassion for all.

 Youth ambassadors from Taiwan went to San Francisco, California Honolulu, Hawaii and the Marshall Islands before stopping on Guam. Tonight they have a special performance at Harvest’s Family Life Center.

 “In the performance there are twelve scenes and each scene we show our Taiwanese culture like the food like the culture and our humanitarian aid,” said Yu Cheng Yeng “There’s a combination of music and big puppets and will make people laugh and hopefully have fun with it,” said Frank Yang

 They’re here to promote Chinese and Taiwanese culture. “We also hope that we can share love and compassion to people all over the world and we also want people from all over the world to learn about Taiwanese culture,” said Joy. “We’re definitely trying to share our culture as well but at the same time we share our culture and people on Guam can share their culture to us as well,” Chihi Liu.

 Aside from performing they are also visiting various island leaders and dignitaries.”It was a really great chance to get to know more about the culture here on Guam and after our tournament we will have a chance to go scuba diving and see more beauty of Guam and we really look forward to it.”

 Charlotte or Hung Shin Yu says that while in Hawaii she had an experience that not only touched her but summed up the purpose of their tour as youth ambassadors Yu says they visited a senior home health care center in Hawaii and after their performance an elderly woman spoke to her. “She grabbed my hand and she told us that she’s the one who wants to thank us because we remind her of home and I feel really touched when I think of her she said that we remind her of home and that was the happiest day after we moved into the health care center and at that moment I realized this is exactly the theme of the 2015 youth ambassador delegation that is the youth from Taiwan compassion for all,” said Hung Hsin-Yu


 The Taiwan Youth Ambassadors are performing tonight (Thurs.) at the Harvest Christian Academy’s family life center at 7p.m.