Take Care Insurance protest on health insurance RFP requiring GRMC coverage denied

TakeCare health insurance (PNC file photo)

Guam – The protest filed by Take Care Insurance for the GovGuam Health Insurance RFP has been denied.

Specifically, Take Care Insurance was protesting a requirement that bidders are required to have the Guam Regional Medical City included as an in-network provider. Out of the four major insurance agencies on Guam,  Take Care is the only one without a contract with GRMC, a private hospital that opened its doors nearly three years ago.

Department of Administration Director Ed Birn, confirmed that Take Care’s protest was denied, saying “We don’t agree with the argument they put forth.”

Last month, Take Care CEO Joseph Husslein announced that they were protesting the requirement because both Guam and federal procurement laws do not mandate such a requirement.

If Take Care loses its contract with GovGuam, it could mean losing some 4,000 subscribers by next fiscal year.

Although Take Care insurance will now have the opportunity to appeal the decision with DOA, the deadline for the RFP still stands as May 7. Birn said the official letter denying Take Care’s protest will be sent to Take Care Insurance either tonight or tomorrow morning.