Take The UOG Consumer Confidence Survey


Guam – How do consumers on Guam compare to those in the U.S.? What has happened to the level of confidence of Guam consumers on local, regional and global economies since our last survey in November 2010? Let UOG know by participating in the UOG-Pacific Center of Economic Initiatives’ on-going consumer confidence survey, which is the fifth semi-annual consumer confidence survey since March 2009.

Please visit http://www.keysurvey.com/survey/394216/5ea3/ by December 10, 2011 to participate.

You will be asked to complete one survey instrument and will take approximately 5-10 minutes. The consumer survey consists of 11 questions. Questions are rated on a Likert Scale. In addition, you will be asked questions pertaining to gender, age, ethnicity, household income, household size, and employment.

This survey is part of a series of projects designed to begin and maintain updated and reliable data that will be useful for planning by policymakers, businesses and the local community.

It is the intent of the investigator and administrator of this survey and the University of Guam-Pacific Center for Economic Initiatives to disseminate to the public any published report that will result from this survey.

In any of these reports, information obtained about you will be kept in confidence and no survey respondent will be identified.

Past survey results could be downloaded from http://www.uogonline.com/pcei/index-4.html as PCEI Technical Reports #3, #7, #11 and #13.