TakeCare files OPA procurement appeal

TakeCare health insurance (PNC file photo)

Guam – Following its ongoing procurement conflict with the government, TakeCare Insurance Company has filed an appeal with the Office of Public Accountability, requesting the agency to hear its case.

The insurance company earlier this month protested against the Department of Administration in relation to a Request for Proposal for the provision of health insurance for the Government of Guam Group Health Insurance Program.

TakeCare had protested the new law, P.L 35-2, which requires all GovGuam insurance providers to offer coverage that includes all the hospitals on island. According to TakeCare, Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) is maliciously using the  law and the RFP process to eliminate TakeCare as an offeror by demanding unreasonable conditions and contract terms.

Currently, TakeCare does not have a contract with private hospital GRMC.

DOA denied TakeCare’s protest which prompted the insurance company to file the appeal with the OPA on May 23.

In a statement sent to Pacific News Center, TakeCare President/CEO Joseph Husslein said they disagree with the DOA’s decision to deny TakeCare’s protest. TakeCare  said it will continue to “look at other remedies” after DOA denied its protest.

According to documents filed at the OPA, TakeCare wants a stay in the insurance procurement process until the protest has been resolved. TakeCare also wants the insurance RFP to be canceled or amended to remove the minimum requirement that offerors include GRMC in its provider networks.