TakeCare to consider other ‘remedies

(PNC photo)

Guam – TakeCare insurance will continue to “look at other remedies” after the Department of Administration denied its protest.

In a statement sent to Pacific News Center, TakeCare President/CEO Joseph Husslein said they disagree with the Department of Administration’s decision to deny TakeCare’s protest.

TakeCare had protested the new law which requires all GovGuam insurance providers to offer coverage that includes all the hospitals on island.

Currently, TakeCare does not have a contract with private hospital Guam Regional Medical Center.

But Husslein said: “As TakeCare further evaluates DOA’s denial, we will consider other remedies available to us in order to properly address the underlying issues presented in our protest”

TakeCare Health Plan Administrator Arvin Lojo also said that until the protest is fully resolved, TakeCare members can be assured that there are special provisions in place to ensure that healthcare coverage and benefits will remain uninterrupted.