Tamuning Elementary School Packed During Early Hours of Election


Hospitality tents filled with signs, food and music booming while supporters and candidates alike are by the side of the road waving and cheering.

That’s what voters in Tamuning experienced this morning as they casted their votes. We caught up with some of the candidates and asked them how they feel this election day.

CCU Chairman Simon Sanchez says, “I feel great. Today is a beautiful day. I’m very excited as always. I think all the candidates are and a little nervous because you never know. Make sure you vote, that’s the best thing we can do as the people.”
Senatorial candidate Hope Cristobal says, “Wow it’s such a beautiful day today. The sun is out. I think it’s a bright news. Thinking about this whole election process, we have had some great comments and feedback from our people. I think the people will be making the right decision.”
Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo says, “I never feel good until after the polls close and the numbers come in but it’s an important day for the people of Guam. I hope they exercise their right to vote. At this point, I don’t take anything for granted but I work very hard. I think the people will make the right choices.”

Senatorial candidate Jim Espaldon says, “I think it’s going to be a good turnout today. My perspective is this, it just goes back to faith. Whatever the man upstairs says is going to happen will happen. I offer myself to do a job on behalf of the island and I do it with all earnestness.