Tamuning Mayor Gives Possible Solution for Increasing Crime Rates

Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera said mayors go through a comprehensive and strict verification process to make sure that the homeless people who ask for certification are really who they claim to be.

In an interview on Newstalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera reacts to a viral video that surfaced on social media depicting a riot occurring at a four-way intersection.

The video depicts a group of people throwing stones and swinging sticks at each other as cars pass by the intersection.

Mayor Rivera talks about the possible causes of the riot.

She said, “I’m seeing it has a lot to do with alcohol. With the drugs, I don’t see in them but you know, when we see them holding a bottle or a can. That’s a big issue already. Because we know what it leads to.”

Mayor Rivera brought up a possible solution for the increase in crime in a quarterly meeting with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and other village mayors along with representatives from the Guam Police Department.

She added, “Yes, it [reopening of koban] was well accepted the minute I walked in. I greeted the governor. Right away, we were in conversation about it. She told me she heard me on the radio and we will continue to discuss it. She made sure that a representative from the Guam Police Department was there.”

Mayor Rivera says the area is ideal for a koban– which is a small police station located in a neighborhood.

She added, “So we have all these buildings. But do we have the personnel to man it? … of course with all the new development going on, heavy traffic we have there. It is an ideal place for public safety to be there.”

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