Taotaomona Members Demonstrate for a Minimum Wage Hike


Guam – If you drove by Hagatna this morning, you would’ve seen a small group of about 6 protesting by the road trying to get support on raising the minimum wage.

Since Vice Speaker BJ Cruz introduced Bill 316 in April, which proposed to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 over the next three years, many have voiced their opposition at pubic hearings.

Meanwhile, others like the members of the Taotaomona Native Rights Group support the wage hike. This morning, the group protested and carried signs that said “Support the hike” and “Minimum wage increase for hard-working people”.

Maga’haga of the group Triny Torres expressed her concern for residents that are currently working minimum wage jobs and explains the struggle they go through. Torres said, “The point is everything is going to go up. There’s no control of the rise of cost of gas, groceries, any material or items. You can’t support your family and kids. How can you afford to leave everything and leave your family behind with nothing to bring home? Like food, medication and bare necessities.”

Vice Speaker BJ Cruz said despite opposition, he will still move to place Bill 316 in the next Legislative Session, which will happen sometime this month.