Electric Vehicle Show at GPWA

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John Cruz–Assistant General Manager of Engineering & Technical Services at GPA, gave PNC details on a tax credit that can help you purchase an electric vehicle of your own.

Cruz said, “The inflation reduction act has a $7,500 tax credit and can be applied towards electric vehicles and the Guam Energy Office has a $3,000 rebate on new electric vehicles.”

The KIA EV6 from Triple J was also on the scene and sales associate Shawn Garcia shared that this is just the beginning for electric vehicles.

Garcia added, “They’re going to use this platform and give a lot of different vehicle types. Sports cars, SUVs, wherever they decide to go, they’re able to do it with this new platform.”

Cars were not the only vehicles at the show, as scooters from Buetta Scooters were there too. We speak to Nathan Aguirre and he tells us the benefits of riding on a scooter.

Aguirre said, “Electric scooters are really cheap. Evergy is expensive, scooters are not. If you’re going to gas your car, your car does maybe 1 mile per kilowatt hour of energy. With 1 kilowatt hour of energy, you can go maybe 100, 130 miles.”

Another new vehicle is the electric motorcycle from Sun Energy Motors. General Manager Walter Ulloa gave details on how it can be cost-efficient.

Ulloa said, “We are real excited about bringing in this electric motorcycle here into the island. It gives people an opportunity to have an electric vehicle that isn’t on four wheels. With two wheels obviously, the cost of the vehicle is going to be much lower. So it’s a really cost alternative for having an electric vehicle at your home. And with gas prices fluctuating the way they’ve been.”

James McIntyre, Sun Energy Motors Sales Sales Manager, says that they will be giving free classes to teach people how to ride, as well as help them get their licenses.

Reach reporter Jannette Samson: jannette@spbguam.com