Tax Refund Attorneys File Motion for Attorney’s Fees


The motion follows an October 5 decision made by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denying the Calvo Administration to rehear a case en banc.

Guam – The plaintiffs in the tax refund class action lawsuit have filed another motion for attorney’s fees in light of a recent Ninth Circuit Court decision.



The attorneys are asking for an award of about $197,000, which is separate from the $2 million they also sought in the District Court prior to the Ninth Circuit decision.

After the Calvo Administration appealed the permanent injunction that ordered them to pay tax refunds within 6 months–and lost–they went back to the Ninth Circuit asking for reconsideration, or to rehear the case en banc. GovGuam was once again denied.

In their motion, the attorneys say the $197,000 covers about 737 hours of work for two law firms.

You can read the motion by clicking on the file below.