Tax Refund Lines Cut Short at 3pm, Everyone After the 1,000th Person in Line, Told to Go Home. Some Don’t


Guam – Deputy Rev and Tax Director Marie Benito says that the long lines at GPO, the Agana Shopping Center and the Micronesian Mall were all cut short at 3pm Friday afternoon.

Officials counted out to the 1,000th person from the beginning of the line, and told everyone after that to go home and come back Saturday.

There were reports that some taxpayers at the Agana Shopping Center and Micronesian Mall refused to leave. Shouts were exchanged. Guam Police had to encourage those cut off from the line, to go home.

A separate incident was reported at at GPO where a woman in line went into labor. However she refused to leave without her tax refund check.

Benito said that the woman was given her refund check and then taken to GMH to give birth.