Tax refunds of problem students’ parents may be garnished

Mark Mendiola is the new chairman of the Guam Education Board. (PNC file photo)

To compensate for the costs associated with damage to school property caused by students, at least one member of the Guam Education Board wants to make the parents of problem students directly accountable by hitting their finances.

GEB chairman Mark Mendiola, in an interview with the Patti Arroyo show on K-57, said the parents of students causing trouble in schools must also be held accountable.

He said he supports a bill being drafted by Vice Speaker Telena Nelson, the education committee oversight chair, who is drafting a bill on parental accountability for problem students.

Mendiola said he wants a provision added to the bill that would charge parents of students who cause destruction to school property by garnishing their refunds and remitting these to the Guam Department of Education in order to recover costs from vandalism.

“If their child misbehaves in school, that could be one way of holding them accountable,” Mendiola said.

Mendiola added that the school board is really concerned about alcohol in the island’s public schools.

According to K57 sources, four students, no less, were arrested for drunken behavior at JFK High School yesterday.

“I do know that the board is having conversations with the school administrators and the superintendent about this alcohol problem. A lot of bad things have been occurring because of alcohol and substance abuse at the schools,” Mendiola said.