VIDEO: 500 DOC Inmates Tested for TB; Additional CT Scans Ordered for 5, No Conclusive Results, Yet


Guam – DOC officials say that so far, out of the nearly 500 prisoners tested for the tuberculosis virus, five had to get additional C-T scans done after a chest x-ray revealed preliminary findings.

Those C-T scans have been completed, but the results have not yet come back.


DOC Internal Affairs Officer Jeff Limo says the results of the chest x-rays showed preliminary findings. But he says it’s too early to tell whether or not it is in fact TB, which is why public health officials ordered CT scans.

“They saw something in the x-ray and they wanted more tests to be done to ensure that it if in fact it is tuberculosis. So it could be anything? It could be anything. it could be pneumonia. Right, but we wanna make sure so we’ll do another step of testing as well.”

Meanwhile, Limo says DOC conducted its final round of  TB skin tests and the results will be read on May 29th. He also responded to rumors that inmates were not being segregated after testing positive on the PPD skin tests.

“We do a unit at a time and each unit either one they have a cubicle, or they have a break down wing, or 3 they have tiers. So if we break it down, just like for instance, we have 3 domes that hold pre trial detainees. Now if we have an x amount of detainees that are positive then we’re gonna move those who are not positive to one of 2 domes and then the 3rd one we’ll use for domes for those who tested positive forPPD.

“This will be our final phase of testing,  up here in Mangilao. Inmates and detainees are still left to be tested. Why its taking so long is because we wanted to make sure that all the test results have returned back and were cleared of that.”

Limo says the inmate who had initially tested positive for active tuberculosis was cleared and sent back to DOC earlier this month, after spending weeks in isolation at Guam Memorial Hospital.