Teacher Aide Charged With Theft of iPhone From Benavente Middle School Student


Guam – Andrew J. Indalecio was formally charged with felony Theft of Property Friday in connection with the reported theft of an iPhone from a student at Benavente Middle School.

According to the Magistrate complaint, a woman reported to police that an iPhone 4S was stolen from her daughter’s backpack last Monday while her daughter was out on the school’s playground. The phone is valued at roughly $600-dollars.

READ the magistrate report HERE (scroll down, last one)

That evening, the woman said she got a call from 46 year old Andrew J. Indalecio, a teacher aide at the school. According to the complaint, Indalecio asked the mother for the phone’s pass code and he also asked if there was a tracking device on the iPhone.

“Defendant claimed that he was asking these questions so he could help Victim’s daughter recover her phone.”

The mother refused to provide the information.  But, the magistrate report states, Indalecio later called the student “into his office at Benavente Middle School and asked her for the pass code to the iPhone, which Victim’s daughter gave to Defendant.”

There was a tracking device on the phone and about 8pm Wednesday night the girl’s mother found the phone at a home on Dulili Loop in Dededo.

Indalecio lives at 198 Dulili Loop in Dededo and police confronted him there where, according to the complaint, Indalecio “relinquished an iPhone with an IMEI number that matched Victim’s stolen cell phone, although all contact numbers and photos were deleted from the phone.”