Teacher of the Year – Math Teacher Deeann Norberg Goes Above and Beyond

The Department of Education announced the 7 finalists for the 2015 Teacher of the Year and for the next two weeks, we will be featuring the nominees in our newscast. Today, we visited Jose Rios Middle School in Piti for one of the middle school finalists.

Deeann Norberg, better known as Mrs. Norberg to her students, has been teaching for over 15 years. Deeann is currently a Math Teacher for the Response to Intervention at Jose Rios and help teach those students who have a little trouble with Math. 

Former student Keone Sablan says Deeann would come up with creative ways to make sure her students understand what she’s teaching and make math fun. He says, “In the classroom, she would always teach us new ways to see math. She was very fun. I loved math. It was my first period and I usually don’t like first period but I enjoyed her the most.” 
Her Students. That’s who Deeann thanks for keeping her going as a teacher. She also tells us that as a mother of five, her passion stems from her children. Deeann tells us what she loves most about being a teacher. She says, “Definitely when I see that the most unmotivated student, the one I have to work on from the ground up, is motivated in the classroom. He or she is engaged and you see the sparkle in their eyes, you see them participating because it’s not just the subject is interesting, it’s just you found an avenue to get them motivated.” 
Deeann says coming from a family of teachers, her classroom is where her heart is at and that her mission is to prepare her students for life. She says, “You want to be a factor in their lives, to say that you can do it no matter what you decide to do, no matter what your fate is, you can be successful in your own way.” 
Principal Naomi Taitingfong says she’s proud that one of her teachers is part of the Teacher of the Year finalists and she says the whole Jose Rios family is rooting for her. 
She says, “We even had a Go Green for Dee Day! We decided that if Deeann is going to be a Teacher of the Year finalist, we support her, we believe in her and we think she’s the most amazing person in the whole wide world, if your favorite color is green, we’ll wear green all day just for you.” 
Sablan says, “Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re the best and I love you.”