Teachers, school bus drivers next in line for COVID vaccination


Both the Guam Department of Education and Public Health agree that teachers and school staff should be next in line for vaccinations.

Public Health and GDOE have had continuous discussions regarding the importance and status of GDOE employees being vaccinated since the anticipated arrival of the vaccines coming to Guam back in December.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez said: “I don’t know how much further discussion we have to have about the importance of providing vaccines to our frontline educators and staff.”

Fernandez is firm in his stance that teachers and school staff should be next in line to receive the vaccines.

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“Yes, we’re working hand in hand with all the people we need to work with at Public Health, GRMC, the lieutenant governor, and AMC but I don’t think that we can make it any clearer. It is important that when we open schools and help support the re-opening of the economy, we have to take seriously the fact that our teachers and our staff are front liners and I want to push that point as assertively as I can,” Fernandez said.

Additionally, Fernandez has asked the vaccination committee to set aside what supplies they have available for GDOE.

He says he doesn’t want to interfere with the prioritization of the elderly and those in the priority list. However, after Fernandez spoke with the representatives of GRMC and AMC, they indicated that they could take care of all of their public school employees in a matter of 2 to 3 days.

Earlier Thursday morning, Department of Public Health and Social Services public information officer Janela Carrera went on air with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo and said the vaccine committee discussed and agreed that teachers from both private and public schools and bus drivers should be next in line for the vaccinations.

“The VIPPC met and that discussion was had … they are considered front liners. They all met and agreed they should be inoculated and so there is a plan moving forward to get them vaccinated. It’s just a matter of logistically planning on how that’s going to happen,” Carrera said.