Teachers worry about hard copy students falling behind academically


Since the pandemic has forced schools to switch to home learning only, one of the biggest concerns a handful of teachers have expressed was that the hard copy students could potentially be on the losing end of education.

“If the parent doesn’t know the content, it’s going to be hard for the student to absorb, especially because the subject I teach is math. It’s very demonstrative and you need to see it in order to be able to understand it. The notes I prepare, hopefully, I try to make it as user friendly as possible. Bit there’s still no guarantee. I have had conversations with some parents where they straight up said we’re not going to do anything until school starts until my kid comes back and you know, I’ll pick up the packets but don’t expect much,” one teacher who requested anonymity said.


Another said: “These are concerns we all have as teachers, we all have them, we know they’re there and we wish we had a solution to it but honestly, we don’t. The tutoring is a great idea and I hope that gets going, I’m not sure how or when but other than that, really, I don’t know and we’ve talked about it in almost every one of our faculty meetings and we all know it’s an issue, it’s a concern, it’s a problem but we don’t have answers for it sadly.”

According to GDOE Spokesperson Isa Baza, the situation continues to change and GDOE is doing its best to adapt as best it can.

“We encourage teachers to communicate regularly with their school administrators to ensure they are aware of the schedules and to raise any concerns they may have, and we will continue to do our best to keep our employees informed. Hard copy distribution is well underway and schools were given the flexibility to set their own schedules. Now that it has restarted the process should be smoother,” Baza said.

She added: “In our effort to serve students we are offering the hard copy curriculum which is what we have been planning since the summer. Roughy 1/3 of our students are enrolled in the hard copy option so it’s important that we provide that even during this pandemic.”

The teachers also mentioned that despite these concerns, they, their staff, and GDOE are all doing their best to coordinate with one another for the betterment of the students’ education during these trying times and that as time progresses, home learning will and is getting easier and more adaptable.