Alleged rapist attempts to discredit victims’ testimonies


Derrick Techur’s trial began earlier this month.

Guam – Alleged rapist Derrick Techur’s trial isn’t over yet, but in a motion hearing yesterday, he attempted to discredit testimonies from the victims who claim that he raped them.

Techur is accused of sexually assaulting three minor girls in a single night. Representing him is Atty. William Pole.

One motion presented to the court was to question the alleged victims on past conduct. Court documents state that the defense attempted to question whether one of the victims had ever used drugs.

Another motion questioned the credibility of one victim because of her allegations of pain, but physical findings of the Healing Hearts Crisis Center did not corroborate her allegations. After the incident, the girls were taken to the Healing Hearts Crisis Center, a government clinic that offers medical-legal examination and counseling for sexual assault victims.

Judge Anita Sukola denied all motions and advised that the jury hear the full matter to weigh the evidence. Day 10 of Techur’s trial is scheduled for November 30 at 8:30 a.m.