Teens face animal cruelty charge


Two teens have been arrested in connection to a viral video.

The video depicts a man in a white t-shirt hitting a dog multiple times with a piece of wood.

According to GPD through the video, they were able to find the location and found a man who fit the description of the man in the video.

GPD then arrested 19-year-old Daren James Quinata.

Police also arrested a 13-year-old male minor as well.

Quinata faces charges of animal cruelty and conspiracy.

Quinata was booked and is confined at DOC.

The 13-year-old was taken into custody and taken to DYA.

In response to the teen’s actions Guam Animal in Needs Board member, Gabe Baker says,

“The video is not just disturbing, it’s sickening. These monsters thought it was funny to viciously beat a trusting dog.”

The Guam board member also said that “animal abusers are not just a threat to animals, they are a threat to so society as a whole.”

Adding, “Research shows that people who abuse animals are far more likely to also abuse humans, especially children and partners.”