Tenorio/Ada gubernatorial team officially kicks off campaign at GEC


Guam – Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and former Senator Tony Ada filed an amended organizational report Thursday as they officially kicked off their gubernatorial campaign at the Guam Election Commission.

“The worst kept secret in this political season is finally over. My friend and Senator Tony Ada and I filed our papers at the Guam Election Commission. We are officially running for governor and lt. governor of Guam,” said Tenorio.

The lt. governor and Ada have been rumored to be running on the Republican ticket for several months now. Tenorio has made his intentions to run for governor known and in June of last year, numerous sources told PNC that Tenorio tapped Ada to be his running mate.

At the time, the team would neither confirm nor deny these reports; however, yesterday on Wednesday, they officially announced their candidacy via a press release.

Today, they filed an amended organizational report which includes Tony Ada’s name. Tenorio had previously filed an organizational report of his own indicating he was running for governor but did not indicate his running mate.

“When people look back on this administration they’re going to see the Calvo-Tenorio administration and our island at its best. We have tourism at record numbers, the economy is growing, we have tax refunds have been consistently paid year after year. We have a growing economy, we have more businesses opening, more people are working, unemployment is down, and so is crime. We’ve taken over a hundred million dollars worth of drugs off the streets and we built two thousand affordable homes. We’ve done so many great things. We’re paving the roads and we’re gonna continue to do these things and we’re doing them for the people of Guam because we love you,” said Tenorio.

The Tenorio-Ada team says the highlight of their platform is “better jobs and tuition-free college education.”

The Tenorio-Ada team also hosted a grand opening of their campaign headquarters at the old Personal Finance Center in Tamuning after they filed their organizational report with the GEC.