Tenorio checks in with GPD to get processed for a second time


Guam – Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio is abiding by his court-ordered requirement to check in with police at the Agana Precinct so he could be processed as part of his criminal case. In fact, this isn’t the first time he’s had to check in with police.

The lt. governor, who is actively running for governor of Guam, was flanked by his legal counsel Attorney Tom Fisher as he walked into the Agana Precinct to have his fingerprints processed. He had already done that at the Guam Police Department offices inside the ITC Building last week, but apparently, that was not part of the protocol.

Fisher explains that Tenorio was required to have his fingerprints processed digitally which is why he was back at GPD’s Agana Precinct for a second processing.

Meantime, Lt. Govenror Tenorio continues to maintain his innocence as he faces misdemeanor charges related to the infamous gun grabbing incident last July. Last week, Tenorio skipped his court hearing to meet with two families displaced by Typhoon Mangkhut.

“I never imagined this intention, which was well intended to try to help protect the officer and the public, blown out of proportion to this extent,” says Tenorio.

“Not to mention the Attorney General has brought this charge right in the middle of a general election–wouldn’t have happened anywhere else. Mind boggling it has the appearance of trying to put your thumb on scales,” adds Fisher.