Gutierrez-Aguon Defend Campaign Ad Saying Character is Fair Game, But Ad Pulled All the Same


Guam – Gutierrez-Aguon campaign spokeswoman Laura Souder defended the campaign ad and news release issued by the campaign that raised questions about Senator Ray Tenorio’s divorce and child custody settlement.

She told PNC News that character is fair game in a political campaign. And its important for voters to know whether a politician’s public promises match their private deeds.

Referring to recent promises made by Senator Tenorio to address the needs of  women and children and single mothers, Souder said ” I think it brings up the point that when a political figure makes a promise to provide some kind of service, the voters always have the responsibility to exam that for its truth.”   She said if a persons’  “private decisions and your private acts don’t mesh up with what you proclaim your going to do as a political leader,” then bringing that to light is “perfectly legitimate.”

However she said the ad has been pulled because “Carl and Frank are not about hurting anybody’s kids. Carl knows more than anyone else on this island how hurtful these negative campaigns can be.”

Meanwhile, Senator Ray Tenorio took to the airwaves Thursday to defend his character and campaign against the accusations in the controversial TV ad and news release.

The GOP Lt. Gubernatorial candidate went on K-57’s “The Big Show with Travis Coffman” and said the accusations in the ad are untrue.

“I love my children, unconditionally,” he said. Divorce is “a very painful thing for my children, as it is with many people. I have always paid and taken care of my children and provided for them. I have never abandoned them.”

He called the negative ad “a new low,”  saying it is “a very despicable thing for people to use that to try and gain some advantage in the political arena.”

He said the Calvo-Tenorio campaign is about “real solutions to help all our people.”