Tenorio defends off-island travel

Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio is the head of the Office of Homelessness Assistance and Poverty Prevention. (PNC file photo)

The administration is defending its officials’ off-island travel amid calls for a limit to government travel.

Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio, in an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, said the job of the administration is to represent Guam in international forums and to attend meetings if they are required to get additional funding for Guam.

“We’re already isolated in Guam. How much more isolated do you want the island to be? We need to be able to bring in solutions and resources so we need to be able to continue to do it,” Tenorio said.

Senator James Moylan has called for transparency with the Government Travel Law to ensure that every taxpayer dollar spent on government travel is justified and accounted for.

Moylan introduced Bill 176-35 recently, which would modernize the Government Travel Law to ensure that taxpayer-funded government travel is justified and establishes certain stringent provisions to the current Government Travel Law.

With the introduction of the bill, the question now arises, who gets to determine the amount of travel that gets done?

Tenorio said: “To me, that’s at the discretion of whoever the official is that’s going on the trip. If that official is elected, then the people of Guam have an opportunity to decide whether they agree with that or they don’t when elections come. Otherwise, you know, go run for governor yourself!”

He added that as long as there’s transparency and accountability in the travel, there would be no problem.

Tenorio said Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero attended the Micronesian leaders meeting in Chuuk which was important because it was an opportunity for all the leaders in the region to gather and consult each other.

“This is even more important now with the increased tension that Compact nations have been getting from the United States. And of course, Guam has its own Compact-related problems and this would be the perfect forum to air those concerns,” Tenorio said.