Tenorio Proclaims Hospital Week and May as Drug Court Month and Guma’ Mami Month


Guam – Acting Governor Ray Tenorio signed three proclamations Monday declaring May 9 through 13 as Hospital Week, and May as Drug Court Month and Guma Mami Month.

Hospital Week

Tenorio proclaimed May 8 through 14, 2011 as Hospital Week. “You, the employees of the Guam
Memorial Hospital have a very important job to perform. You improve and enrich the quality of life of our people. People place their lives and trust in your hands. I thank you for your service to our community and ensuring the best of care for the people you serve,” Tenorio said.

Hospitals are the heart of every community’s mission to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of all people. Next week, Guam will celebrate National Hospital Week, a time for each of us to reflect on the role of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority as it serves as the center of our island’s healthcare system. This year’s theme, “Champions of Care,” symbolizes the dedication of hospital employees who work each day to improve medical care for all the people.

Interim Hospital Administrator, Ray Vega, Hospital CFO Siva Karrupan, GMH staff and department directors were also in attendance.

[ Acting Governor Ray Tenorio is joined by Chief Justice Phillip Carbullido, Juvenile Drug Court Judge Arthur Barcinas, Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan, and staff of the Juvenile Court for the proclamation of the month of May as Drug Court Month.]

Drug Court Month

The Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts were recognized as courts of record of the Judiciary of Guam in December 2005. These programs are examples of “therapeutic justice,” which focuses on rehabilitation of offenders and their reintegration into society. Drug Court reduces crime by lowering re-arrest and conviction rates, improving substance abuse treatment outcomes, and reuniting families. It also produces measurable cost benefits compared with incarceration.

The Guam Drug Court was specifically created for first-time offenders. This is for people who need a second chance. We all make mistakes; we all deserve a break now and then. The Drug Court provides the rehabilitation and counseling needed to succeed once given the second chance.

“The work you do is important to this community and I commend all that you do to help rehabilitate drug offenders. A lot of times people who do not have an education turn to drugs as an answer to their problems. It is important that through your rehabilitation and treatment process, you push education. This administration supports you and we are working hard to find the resources to help you do your job.” Tenorio stated.

Also in attendance was Chief Justice Phillip Carbullido, Judge Arthur Barcinas, Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan of the U.S. District Court, U.S. Probation Chief Roxanne Augon, Guam Probation Chief Jay Perez, and Captain Melvin Pilarca of the Counter-drug Guam National Guard.

Guma’ Mami Month

Guma’ Mami, Inc. is a distinguished and recognized 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. It is a vital service provider dedicated to serving Guam’s citizens with disabilities. Guma’ Mami is celebrating 30 years of service excellence and commitment to Guam beginning May 1, 2011. This year’s theme, “Guma’ Mami, Inc.–‘Building the Bridge to Hope’” demonstrates the commitment of Guma’ Mami’s members and volunteers to focus on a future that promotes hope through opportunities. These opportunities encourage individuals to dream great dreams, to strive for greatness and a community that supports the improvement of the quality of life of individuals with disabilities.

Acting Governor Tenorio congratulated the members of Guma Ma’mi for their selfless service. He also stated, “there are some of us in this community that need a little extra help. On behalf of Governor Calvo and our wives, I want to thank all of you for offering that help. I want to congratulate you on your thirty years of service to our island and our people.”

Also in attendance was the Guma’ Mami Executive Director, Berni Grajek, President of the Board, Robert Hofmann, Board Members Ella Cruz, Ben Servino, and Joseph Cameron, and three original founding Board Members.