Tenorio seeks UN visiting mission

Lieutenant Governor Joshua Tenorio testifies before the United Nations. (PNC file photo)

Lieutenant Governor Joshua Tenorio, testified before the United Nations this morning local time, asking the UN to enable a visiting mission to examine and record the situation on Guam.

The Guam delegation was led by Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio and included senators Regine Biscoe Lee, Kelly Marsh (Taitano), Sabina Perez, and Decolonization Commission Director Melvin Won Pat-Borja who appeared before the Special Political and Decolonization Committee — also referred to as the 4th Committee — of the U.N.

Tenorio, in his address, also reiterated the island’s quest for decolonization, self-determination, and the return of excess lands.

“We desire to work closely with the federal government to increase fairness and equity for Guam and we will remember those past efforts to improve our political status by having the U.S. Congress consider our draft Commonwealth Act more than 20 years ago were unsuccessful,” the lieutenant governor said.

He added: “Nevertheless, we remain committed to meaningfully engaging our administering power and reminding our international community of our continued quest before the United Nations. As a matter of course, we will continue to encourage the United Nations, and our administering power, to approve a visiting UN Mission for Guam in an effort to strengthen our relationships, and expand our dialogue on decolonization.”

The lieutenant governor also met with ambassadors from independent Pacific nations like Tonga and Nauru in line with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s desire to expand ties with Pacific states. Tenorio said Guam is getting the backing of these countries for various Guam-specific issues.