Tenorio takes the stand: ‘I have not been drunk in a long time’

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio

Guam – “Let’s not make this a big deal,” reads a text from a conversation between former Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio and Sgt. Carl Cruz regarding the gun grabbing incident in July.

Tenorio took the stand on Wednesday to tell his side of the story. He maintained he was not drunk during the time the incident occurred.

Due to his enlarged prostate, drinking more than a few beers would cause him to use the restroom frequently. Due to his medical condition, Tenorio said  he was mostly drinking water around the time of the incident and that he was holding a beer “in respect for” the police officers in attendance.

“I haven’t been drunk in a really long time,” he said.

While claiming he was not under the influence of alcohol, Tenorio has remained steadfast that he grabbed the gun in the interested of public safety.

“I saw Sgt. Cruz who was kind of facing away from me,” the former lieutenant governor said. “I looked at the firearm for a second and knew there was something wrong. When you’ve worked with firearms, you know when a firearm is unsecured when you see it.”

Tenorio then used his thumb and index fingers to lift the gun’s lower receiver. He immediately pulled it out with his right hand and the firearm was lifted straight out of its holster.

” I took it out was to see if it was in fact as unsafe as it appeared to be,” Tenorio said. “I didn’t want to handle it as though I was going to use the firearm, because that is dangerous if you grab it. By using my thumb and forefinger on the receiver there [was] no way for that firearm to go off.”

However, the former lieutenant governor has been accused of going for the gun several times, which he denied on the stand.

“I said to him [that] I am the chair of public safety,” Tenorio said. “‘Let’s try that again. How did that come out?’ And understandably, he didn’t want to and gestured with my hands about the firearm coming out, he did say,’ Roger, sir.'”

While Tenorio denied going for the gun multiple times, he indicated that Sgt. Cruz acknowledged that his firearm was not holstered properly.

While closing arguments were anticipated for today, the trial will resume tomorrow at which time closing arguments will be made.

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