Tents being set up in anticipation of more COVID-19 cases

The tents are being set up by a medical team from the military.

Leaving no doubt that more cases of COVID-19 are expected, tents have gone up on the grounds of Naval Hospital in Agana Heights.

The Governor, at her news conference Tuesday afternoon, said the tents are being set up by a medical team from the military which is adding roughly 20 more beds on the Naval Hospital grounds and increasing the number of Intensive Care Units by 12.

An even larger medical facility is being set up in South Finegayan.

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“And that one is going to be a 120-bed capacity plus another 22 ICU rooms. The beauty about that is that it also comes with medical personnel,” the Governor said.

The Governor said that the Department of Defense has assured her that South Finegayan hospital and physicians will be available to care for local residents stricken by COVID-19 as needed.

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