Terlaje backs SHPO’s call for halt to clearing of Northwest Field

Speaker Therese Terlaje (PNC file photo)

Senator Therese Terlaje is supporting the State Historic Preservation Officer’s decision to invoke his authority to halt any clearing of the site designated for a Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range in order to preserve Guam’s historic sites in place.

“We already know in the adjacent areas that 14 known historic properties have already been cleared of all artifacts, 9 sites at the complex containing human remains and 6 sites containing historic artifacts were inadvertently discovered, and approximately eighty other known historic properties and the adjacent village of Litekyan will be impacted by the proposed LFTRC site,” Terlaje said in a news release.

The senator is encouraging the SHPO to use this as an opportunity to negotiate a plan to preserve in place Guam’s artifacts and human remains “in this obviously historic and culturally significant area” without destroying the context and cultural landscape of Guam’s history.

“Surely, the DoD can adjust their plans and use their resources to come up with alternatives to clearing this area while still meeting their training objectives,” Terlaje said.

Site P-735 of the Live Fire Training Range Complex is the largest of the firing ranges which spans 59 acres.

Resolution No. 164-35, which was overwhelmingly passed by the Legislature last year, includes additional reasons to call for a pause to the clearing, pre-construction, data recovery, and construction activities related to the U.S. Department of the Navy’s proposed Live-Fire Training Range Complex at Northwest Field.